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If you own a self storage facility, you may wonder how to optimize your business while achieving a better work-life balance. With Bluebird Storage Management, you can partner with a reputable third-party property management company to help you manage your facility and create a successful business.

Self storage management FAQs are an invaluable resource for anyone who needs to manage a storage facility. This guide will cover the most common questions, provide helpful tips and advice, and explain the basics of running a successful storage operation.

Let’s take a look at the most common self storage management questions. 

What is a Self Storage Property Manager?

As a self storage property manager, customer service is of the utmost importance in order to create and maintain an exceptional experience for your patrons. Additionally, it’s integral that you guarantee all units are properly maintained and kept up-to-date with security systems running efficiently at all times. By providing exemplary service combined with top-quality management, you can ensure a successful outcome for your facility!

It can be challenging to locate and retain excellent workers for your storage facility. Many owners take advantage of a specialized self storage management company like Bluebird Storage Management, which handles tasks like staffing, customer service operations, and much more! With an experienced team in charge of your unit’s operations, you’ll have the assurance that comes with knowing the day-to-day is taken care of by industry experts.

 What is Self Storage Software? 

Single and multi-property owners can use self storage management software to manage operations such as rentals, reservations, and payments. The Bluebird Platform offers an impressive system for rentals and bookings in addition to the top digital marketing solutions available in the self storage industry. What’s even better is that it also comprises business intelligence tools for data analysis as well as reporting capabilities for self storage management. 

Are Marketing and an Online Rental System Necessary for Self Storage Management?  

Yes! The most successful self storage companies understand that having simple access to information about their services is key to gaining and retaining customers. To stay ahead of the competition, they must engage in an efficient marketing plan composed of SEO management, pay-per-click advertisements, content generation, and much more. With these strategies in place, the storage business can reach out to potential clients and grow its clientele.

SEO and content marketing are two key elements to increasing your company’s visibility online, bringing in more organic traffic from various sources. These services help draw people to the website and boost its search engine rankings. By forming a solid marketing plan, you can foster brand recognition, demonstrate reliability with customers, and eventually generate leads for the business.

With Bluebird’s rental system, you have the ability to effortlessly reserve, rent, and monitor your storage rentals—all while driving traffic to your website. Plus, our proprietary and cutting-edge software will not only reduce workloads but also increase online conversion rates!

Revolutionizing the traditional rental process with its intuitive design, this platform allows customers to quickly find what they’re searching for in a streamlined and organized manner. This technology makes managing rentals easier than ever before with Bluebird’s state-of-the-art self storage management solutions.

 How Profitable is the Self Storage Business?

The annual profit generated from a storage facility can range anywhere between $30,000 -$5,000,000, depending on the size. This business has a high potential for lucrative returns; however, it is essential to guarantee that your daily operations, such as self storage property management, are running optimally.

The success of your self storage facility is dependent on the size, location, and pricing strategies you employ. By working with Bluebird Storage Management, you will have access to experienced industry professionals dedicated to helping guide you toward achieving your financial goals.

Our complimentary store review service provides invaluable insight into how well your organization performs compared to other businesses in the same field. Take advantage of this offer now and schedule a property review today! 

Is a Self Storage Facility a Good Investment?

Many financial advisors consider investing in the storage business highly attractive due to its capacity for producing large profit margins and extensive returns.

Achieving a solid return on investment (ROI) is contingent upon multiple factors, such as the size and location of your facility, any loans you may have taken out to purchase it, and how profitably you operate that property. 

The Bluebird Storage Management team comprises seasoned industry professionals who can guide you in developing strategies to reach your financial objectives effectively. We operate some of the most successful self storage facilities in Canada! Put our expertise to work for you today. 

What Storage Types Should I Offer? 

For patrons who have specific storage needs, you can provide custom solutions by offering specialized types of storage space, including:

Before storage, we advise patrons to provide evidence of registration and insurance. Additionally, double-check that the vehicles are in optimal condition before allowing them into storage. Once these requirements have been met, customers can park their vehicles for as long as they wish, either within the unit or the on-site parking lot. 

What Should 0wners Look for in a Third-Party Management Company?  

When searching for a third-party management company, it is essential that the owner understands not only how such a property manager functions but also whether their vision and values are compatible with their goals. To gain further insight into this matter, arrange to meet with the operations team in person, call them, check out one of their stores, or even book an online chat session. Bluebird manages 30+ locations across Canada, and our personnel has more than 100 years of collective expertise in all self storage areas, including finance, accounting, and customer service.

Our self storage management company believes in rewarding success and celebrating the accomplishments of each store. In order to facilitate this goal, we provide monthly bonuses for staff members, create daily checklists to ensure property upkeep is impeccable, and have regional managers who are always available to lend support. Furthermore, all facilities will receive their own website page complete with marketing resources that can optimize online sales as well as Google search results.

Additionally, a Care Centre has been created solely dedicated to handling customer inquiries through web chats and incoming calls if they cannot reach anyone at the store directly during business hours. 

When Should Self Storage Owners Consider Hiring a Third-Party Management Company?

Self storage management outsourcing can be beneficial for owners, investors, and developers no matter what objectives they have for their property. We’ll work together to find the best way forward, whether you are new to the industry and looking to expand your real estate investment or need someone else to take over while you attend to other matters. At any stage of business operation, we’re here ready and willing to assist in finding ideal solutions that will help achieve your goals both now and in the future.

By outsourcing the management of your store, you can potentially make more profits and free up time for other endeavors. With excellent branding, marketing strategies, and revenue optimization tactics in place— even after paying a manager’s fees—you could easily outrun any costs associated with hiring a self storage property manager.

With an abundance of third-party self storage management companies, Bluebird shines through with its unwavering transparency and exemplary services. Our staff consists of site personnel, regional managers, and an accounting team. We also provide marketing services, management software, and revenue management consulting to ensure you get the most out of our service.

Ready to take your self storage company to the next level? Our sales team will help you become one of the premier businesses in your area.  

How Does Building a Bluebird Self Storage Facility Work?

Bluebird is here to help you throughout every phase of the development process, such as market research, unit mix, and store size. Our experienced Bluebird team has successfully managed over 30 locations in Canada! Critical decisions must be made at this stage since it helps maximize your premises’ future financial performance and layout.

As soon as we gain a more concrete understanding of the construction schedules, self storage management onboarding activities will usually take place 60-90 days before the grand opening. Our specialized financial, HR, operations, and marketing teams collectively invest 500 hours in preparation to ensure your store is ready for its inaugural day!

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