A Guide to Self Storage Property Management: How to Find Your Perfect Partner

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As a self storage property management company, Bluebird understands that the storage world can be complex. Managing a facility on your own seems feasible, but daily operations can take their toll as time goes on. Not all self storage property owners have the capacity to manage day-to-day workload, especially for individuals that own several properties and can’t be hands-on.

In these situations, you need a better solution to manage your storage facility successfully. The answer? Bluebird Storage Management. Bluebird is here to help fellow business owners navigate self storage management so that they can achieve —or surpass—their business goals.

If you’re overwhelmed by your facility’s demanding schedule or are searching for a partner to oversee facility operations, our management team can assist. Today, we’re explaining the inner workings of managing a self storage facility and what a third-party self storage manager can do for you so you feel confident partnering with a self storage management company. 

What is Self Storage Property Management? 

For those newly acquainted with the self storage industry, storage management might not be something you’re all that familiar with. As the name suggests, self storage property management is a service that lets a third-party oversee daily facility operations and play an active role in the facility’s success.

Self storage property management offers several advantages to business owners, such as:

Providing a “Hands-Off” Approach to Storage Management

  • A self storage third-party management company in Calgary gives owners a chance to pursue other passions. Entrepreneurs who own multiple properties don’t have time to worry about daily operations, just like small business owners might not know how to manage their facility independently.
  • Self storage property management allows business owners to change their routines and have a more comprehensive approach to self storage.

increased Store Revenue

  • Being spread too thin makes it challenging to envision long-term revenue goals for your company, let alone achieve your maximum potential. Working with a storage management company makes it easier to increase customer occupancy levels and your profits. 

Vast Knowledge Base

  • Even if you’ve been in the business for years, self storage property management companies have a wealth of experience and knowledge that can help your business grow into the successful facility you’ve always dreamed of. At Bluebird Storage Management in Toronto, our team has decades of experience and can help your facility find the success it deserves.

When it comes to self storage owners, Bluebird understands that everyone’s business needs are different, but one goal remains the same – a desire to succeed. Our team is here to facilitate long-term success for your business and maximize customer retention.

What Does a Self Storage Management Company Do? 

A self storage third-party management company in Calgary oversees every aspect of managing a self storage facility. Their responsibilities include customer service, facility maintenance and operations, storage asset management, and implementing marketing. 

If you decide to pursue third-party management services, not only will you be able to take a step back from facility operations, but you also have access to helpful team members that manage your business. Bluebird believes that every successful self storage company begins with the team that runs it, which is why we take the time to train and develop our employees.

However, that’s not the only thing to consider when searching for self storage property management. At Bluebird Storage Management, we take our management services seriously – which is why we’re breaking down our storage management services.

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Bluebird Third-Party Property Management Services

Our self storage management services go beyond typical third-party management companies. We don’t just want to simplify day-to-day operations – we want to maximize store profit and customer occupancy. Our management services focus on driving occupancy rates and increasing conversions so your store starts earning the capital it deserves.

When you choose to work with Bluebird, you’ll gain more than self storage management in Vancouver. You have access to an entire team that prioritizes the success of your self storage business. Our self storage management company offers the following services:

Full Facility and Staff Operations

  • Manage payroll, facility billing, property taxes, and other financial services.
  • Review store pricing and help with facility marketing.
  • Hiring and training staff members to increase conversion rates and prioritize customer service.
  • Integrating cutting-edge technology that shows real-time facility data. Easily accessible to store owners and staff.

Comprehensive Digital Marketing

  • Digital marketing driven by cutting-edge technology that optimizes customer experiences and conversion rates.
  • Helps maximize online presence and promote visibility to customers.
  • An engaging brand that appeals to customer experiences and comfort.

Revenue Management

  • Maximize store NOI with our thorough data system.
  • Analyze local competition and compare it to facility pricing.
  • Implement pricing strategies that reduce operating costs and increase revenue.

In addition to these services, we also provide a secure online rental system that lets tenants reserve and pay for units 100% online. Our rental system gives customers the flexibility they deserve regarding their storage experience and simplifies the payment process for everyone.

When you choose Bluebird Storage Management, you can always feel confident that our storage management in Vancouver is designed to help you achieve your goals. You’ll always have ownership while we oversee the daily stressors of managing a self storage facility.

How to Find the Right Storage Management Company 

If you’re unsure which self storage management company is right for you, know you’re not alone in this decision. It can be difficult to find the right fit for your business. Before choosing a self storage property management company, we recommend assessing a potential management company with the following steps.

1. Review Their Management Style and Company Vision

  • Understanding their management style is essential before signing an agreement with a self storage third-party management company in Calgary. For instance, Bluebird offers full-service third-party storage management in Toronto, which is ideal for many entrepreneurs and their facilities. However, not all management companies provide the same quality of service. The key to success is working with a team with experience in marketing, facility management, customer service, and revenue management. Otherwise, you might be working with a company that doesn’t offer the level of service you need.
  • Review their company vision and values. See their long-term goals, how they treat employees, and what pillars are a priority in their business—like trust, work ethic, and level of service. Understanding their foundational values better can help you decide if they share your common goals and are the best fit for you.

2. Have Multiple Meetings

  • Schedule two or three meetings, whether in person or over the phone. Taking the time to talk to storage management in Vancouver and understand what they’re offering isn’t all that matters—it gives you a better idea of the team you’ll work with. Seeing how upper management operates is incredibly helpful and essential, helping fill in the blanks regarding how the team operates.

3. Review Testimonials

  • Lastly, but certainly not least, review testimonials. Whether it’s reading Google Reviews or scheduling a few calls with their current clients, it will help solidify your decision. Not only will you have peace of mind regarding your management company, but you can also learn the kind of impact they’ve had on others.

Finding the right self storage management company might sometimes feel challenging, but once you ask the right questions and better understand their services, the rest falls into place. At Bluebird, we take the time to speak to potential facilities and let you know who we are as a company. Above all else, we value your trust and want all partnerships to be a collaborative effort. You can always count on Bluebird to get the job done.

Explore Self Storage Property Management with Bluebird 

If you’re ready to maximize your store profit and work with a well-respected Canadian storage brand, Bluebird Storage Management is the third-party property management company for you. Our management team is here to help you achieve your goals and support your self storage company. Our team is here for you, from our customer service training, property management, and maintenance to daily facility operations.

Are you ready to maximize your revenue and growth potential? Request a free store review to see how we can improve your property, or contact us to discuss a potential partnership. For more helpful information on self storage property management, review our free guide, Why Running A Self Storage Facility Doesn’t Have to Run Your Life

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