How to Manage a Self Storage Facility Successfully

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How to manage a self-storage facility

Whether you’ve been in the self-storage industry for years or have just purchased your first facility, one thing remains constant – the difficulties of running a self-storage company! The self-storage business can be quite demanding, especially as a storage facility owner.

On the surface, running a facility might seem simple; however, the daily stressors of customer service, employee training, and paying the bills can catch up very quickly. Instead of juggling all these responsibilities by yourself, Bluebird Storage Management is here to assist fellow business owners. That’s why we’re taking a closer look at how to manage a self-storage facility successfully and why a partnership with Bluebird can make your business goals a reality.


Managing A Self Storage Facility 101

Unlike most professions, running a storage facility requires years of experience, attention to detail, and a solid understanding of your customers’ needs. No two workdays are the same, so how is someone supposed to master managing a self-storage facility successfully? By taking the proper steps to guarantee customer satisfaction and company revenue growth.

If you’re wondering how to make this possible, that’s where Bluebird Storage Management comes in. Our team’s years of experience have helped us master what it takes to manage storage facilities. Once you partner with Bluebird Storage Management, you won’t have to sift through paperwork or manage customers alone. Our team’s mission is to help your business generate well-deserved growth and maximize your property’s performance rate.

Today, we’re sharing our best tips on how you can manage a self-storage facility successfully and how our team of experts can help your business achieve its full potential. Now, let’s dive into our management tips!


Hire and Train The Right Employees

Employees are the foundation of any successful business. Their attitude, experience, and approach to customer service can impact how your customers perceive your company. In self-storage, it’s even more crucial to have the right team of individuals working together, so they can focus on customer service alongside facility conversion rates. Hiring the right people can help set your business on the path to success – the challenge is finding a team that shares your vision and industry passion.

As a business owner, the first step in successfully managing a self-storage facility is to hire and train the right team. Whether you’re hiring a facility manager, an assistant manager, or a part-time employee, they should all have some background within the industry. Conduct a thorough hiring process that tests their industry knowledge and customer service skills. Also, ask for referrals so you’re confident in their capabilities.

Once you’ve found a team that matches your facility’s brand and work ethic, be sure to train your team until they’re confident and comfortable using your internal systems and processes. Also, familiarize them with company goals and mission statements. Having a unified team is an essential part of your facility’s success. Once you have a unified team by your side, it’s easier to delegate tasks and ensure your business is running smoothly.

At Bluebird Storage Management, we understand how essential it is to find the best employees so you can achieve your goals. That’s why when you partner with Bluebird Storage Management, together, we can help your business find the right team. We like to support our partners by helping hire and manage their employees while implementing customer service training. Our team will also manage daily operations, staffing, and facility management.

Our team and incredible field managers have a passion for the industry and are driven by helping your customers find the best storage solution for their needs. Together, we can find the team that best fits your business.


Focus on Marketing and Branding Your Facility

While it’s essential to think about your team and facility operations, there’s a critical component that should never be overlooked – facility marketing.

Marketing your facility isn’t just about spreading awareness – it also reflects your company’s image! If you’re wondering how to manage a self-storage facility successfully, and haven’t thought about marketing your business, this is a pivotal step in your long-term success.

First, make sure your facility embodies the image and brand your company wants to present – otherwise, you’re sending mixed messages to customers. Also, keep relevant information accessible when a customer stops by to visit or rent a unit. For instance, at your customer service station, have informational brochures, employee contact information, and other items visible. 

Next, take a good look at your company website and social media platforms. How user-friendly is your website? How regularly do you update your social pages – or better yet, do you even have them? These small items are critical! While your self-storage manager and the team should be able to market your business in person, having the right marketing strategy and technology will make your business more approachable to customers. If they can easily find your company online, and read customer reviews and learn about your storage unit sizes, it helps build trust among your customers.

At Bluebird Storage Management, we understand how important technology and digital marketing are to your business’s success. That’s why when you choose to partner with us, our team focuses on enhancing user experiences through our branded, informative, user-friendly website and contact-free rental system. With our help, you can have a self-storage facility and online platform that’s informative, inviting, and provides the top-quality experience your customers want.

When you partner with Bluebird Storage Management, we view your success as our own – that’s why we go beyond typical self-storage management services. Our digital marketing and technology services will set your business apart from the competition.


Remember Long-Term Goals

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day activity of your self-storage property, but if you’re wondering how to manage a storage facility successfully, one of the biggest aspects comes down to prioritizing your long-term goals. Daily operations can only get you so far – what about the facility’s ROI and annual performance?

Establishing tangible long-term goals for your facility is essential in remaining successful. At Bluebird Storage Management, our team can help you set goals that align with your long-term vision and increase conversion rates. For example, our revenue management services help self-storage facilities execute a pricing strategy that achieves maximum ROI. Not to mention, we review local competitors’ current rates, so your business can find the best pricing strategy for long-term success.

Together, we can deliver the results you’ve always wanted for your business – all it takes is finding a partner who recognizes and wants the same goals as you!


Hire Someone to Manage the Facility

If you’ve realized that managing a facility isn’t for you over the months – or even years – having a partner oversee daily operations is the best way to manage a storage facility! Sometimes, all it takes is an outside perspective to help you find the best course of action. At Bluebird, we understand you and your storage managers may find the business challenging at times. With a Bluebird Storage Management partnership, we can take on most of your daily challenges, so you don’t have to shoulder the workload alone.

Hiring someone to manage your facility can help you achieve your storage goals and set your business down the path to success. At Bluebird, our property management services help with the following:

  • Revenue Management
  • Technology and Digital Marketing
  • Financial Services
  • Field Operations

Together, we can grow your revenue and reduce your daily workload!


Why Choose Bluebird Management?

At Bluebird, when you choose our management services, you’re gaining more than typical third-party management. Our team of experienced professionals wants to increase your annual profit while minimizing stress. Together, we can make the most of your business’s potential!


If this sounds like the best solution for you, contact Bluebird Management at 844-855-6378 or



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